Would you like to include clay in your next event or party?  Don't want to struggle with finding all the resources involved in clay making?

Rock Bottom Pottery is now offering this unique community outreach service called, Come Clay With Me.

The mission: To provide an opportunity for members of the community a chance to work in clay, no matter the location.  Come Clay With Me as a service is able to travel to community centers, day cares, private parties or group therapy sessions.  

                This services will provide the material and tools needed to make creative, exciting and simple clay projects that can be completed within 1-4hrs.  Come Clay With Me is targeted towards beginners however projects can be easily tailored to challenge folks with clay experience.

                 Once the wet work projects are complete, the work will be fired and returned to the group to glaze.  There is a option of a simple glaze completion by Rock Bottom Pottery and the finished works will then be delivered to the group.  Factors that will affect the cost of this service are the time/duration of the event, number of participants and the amount of material used.

                 If you are interested in including clay in your next event or party please contact Rock Bottom Pottery two weeks before the event date to reserve your time and get a cost quote.


How does it work?

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